Vaporesso Vaping Products: A Flavorful User Review and Candid Insights


Certainly, let’s dive into my personal user review of Vaporesso’s vape tanks. Get ready for a fun and candid journey through my experiences with these items:

QF Coils (3pcs):

These coils brought a burst of flavor to my vaping sessions, but perfecting the priming technique took some time. The occasional dry hit felt like a flavor rollercoaster with unexpected dips.

GT Core Coils (3pcs):

The GT Core coils were my reliable companions, delivering consistent flavor and clouds. Yet, their e-liquid consumption felt like they had a secret bottomless pit.

EUC Coils:

EUC coils made life easy with their quick replacements, but flavor-wise, they left me wanting more. Convenience had its trade-offs, and I missed the richness of some other coils.

GTX Pod Tank:

The GTX Pod Tank was a revelation, offering adjustable airflow and compatibility with GTX coils. It was like having a custom vape experience with top-tier flavor and easy refills.

Luxe PM40 Cartridge (4ml, 2pcs):

These cartridges held a generous amount of e-liquid, reducing interruptions. However, occasional leaking issues gave me a little soaking I didn’t quite sign up for.

Barr Pods (2pcs):

Barr pods boasted a sleek design, ideal for discreet vaping. While flavor wasn’t their strong suit, their budget-friendly price per pod made them a practical choice.

Target PM80 Cartridge Pods (2pcs):

For cloud lovers, these pods were a dream, producing dense vapor with rich flavor. Yet, their limited e-liquid capacity meant I had to carry a refill bottle along.

Osmall Pod (2pcs):

The Osmall pods were my pocket-sized pals for quick nicotine fixes. While they weren’t flavor champions, they served their purpose with ease and simplicity.

GTX Tank 18 (3ml):

Dependable and leak-resistant, the GTX Tank 18 balanced flavor and vapor. If only it held a bit more e-liquid, it would be a longer-lasting companion.

Veco Tank (2ml):

The Veco Tank was the no-nonsense option, delivering decent flavor and vapor. While not the most customizable, it was reliable when I needed a straightforward vape.

In the grand tapestry of my vaping journey, Vaporesso’s products have played their roles, each with unique quirks and delights. They’ve added flavors and excitement to my adventure, making every puff a new chapter in my flavorful odyssey.

Nataly Komova