Edens herbals CBD review

Edens Herbal CBD brand offers quality products at low prices. It displays relevant information regarding its operation from farming to manufacturing for transparency. The company is eco-friendly and upholds organic farming practices to avoid contaminating hemp with chemical fertilizers and pesticides during manufacturing. After each batch has been manufactured, it’s tested for potency and purity for quality and safety affirmation. The company abides by FDA manufacturing protocols. Furthermore, it has received a B+ rating from BBB, even though it has not been certified by it. All operations done by the company are within the USA, right from harvesting to packing. The company relies on its hemp farm located in Colorado, which manufactures quality CBD products in full-spectrum and isolates using CO2 hemp plant extracts. The company has offered various contact details that help its customers reach its support team. Moreover, its products are shipped within 7 days from the day of placing the order. Currently, they are offering tinctures, isolate powder, gummies, topicals, and dog biscuits.

About the company

Edens Herbals offers scientifically backed up products to address various health and wellness concerns. The company operated on transparency to win its customer’s trust at competitive prices. It has given detailed information on the relevance of CBD products and how plant-based products can positively impact our health. The company was established by Robert Panek Jr, Robert Panek’s son. Although much information has not been offered about them and other team members, the company clarifies that its headquarters are located in Sanford, ME.

Its website contains the latest features, including blogs and FAQ pages. The blogs address various concerns and give a detailed explanation of various concerns, such as the significance of CBD products over other products. Navigating within the website is quite easy since the information has been displayed in an organized manner. Since we are interested in the buying experience, we ordered a few products. Its product catalog is well-defined and differentiated according to its formulation; tinctures, gummies, and topicals. The company offers a product description under each product to help its customers understand its components. The product descriptions include ingredients, THC and CBD levels, administering the products, dosage, and prices.

We added and removed products from our shopping cart without experiencing any technicalities or suspicious activities. The company allows payments from either the bank or credit card. After making payments, we received an email immediately confirming our order. The email had a tracking number, a list of products we had ordered, and the expected delivery date. As the company had stated in the email, we received our products on the third day; products are delivered within 7 days. The products were discreetly packed that no one could notice what they were.

Each product’s label contains QR codes to help customers verify the lab results offered. They state a list of ingredients, CBD and THC levels, and contaminant tests on their labels. We, therefore, scanned the codes using our smartphones. Our tinctures had a potency variance of 7%, which is acceptable since it’s within the 10% limit. The products are void of detectable THC, pesticides, mycotoxins, solvents, heavy metals, and contaminants.

According to the company, if your products are not effective as stated by the brand, the customers are entitled to a full refund. The company gives 30 days to allow consumers to test the product’s effectiveness. Suppose they fail to deliver the purported functions, a complaint concerning a full refund should be channeled to its support team. Customers who might have received damaged products should file a complaint through the support team within 48 hours upon receiving the products. The company assesses the product’s condition after receiving them before exchanging or approving refunds. Products returned for a refund should be in their original packaging since they only accept unopened products.

Since we are interested in the reputation of various CBD companies and the performance of their products in the market, we checked whether it had received any warnings from FDA or negative comments from BBB. Even though the company is not BBB accredited, it has received a B+ rating from the body. There were no warnings from the FDA, which is a sign of quality products and good customer service. Since the company is interested in consumers feedback to help it assess its market performance, it has a review page. This page has numerous positive reviews, which indicates customer satisfaction. However, it has three negative reviews due to delayed shipping and pricing miscommunication. The company responded to each review remorsefully, promising the customers to work on the issues addressed.

Manufacturing Process

The company has been growing quality hemp from Colorado with the help of local partners. Eden’s Herbals use a family-owned farm in Colorado and Washington to grow organic hemp, which helps them monitor its hemp growth and ensure no artificial fertilizers and pesticides are used to enhance the rapid growth of the hemp. As a result, they have been manufacturing non-GMO products. The company also uses various organic elements such as MCT oil to improve the effectiveness of its products.

Eden herbal company only uses significant elements of the organic hemp plant to manufacture its products. The CO2 extraction method has been helpful to the company since it helps pull out useful cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. Unlike other extraction methods such as ethanol, CO2 is effectively regarded as clean. The method is eco-friendly and minimizes the risks of contaminating the products. After extraction, the crude oil is blended with other significant natural elements to yield rapid effectiveness and quality products.

The products are carefully crafted with a team of experts in the manufacturing and chemical industry to ensure the quality and safety of the products are attained. After manufacturing, the products are tested to ensure no harmful substances have infiltrated them. The company prefers an independent laboratory to the public since public labs have a bad reputation on accuracy levels. The role of the lab is to confirm that the product’s THC and CBD levels don’t exceed 0.3% and 10%, respectively. All their practices are done within the USA. The company provides the results and QR codes on its website and products for customer affirmation.

Range of Products

Although Eden’s Herbals has a limited line of products, they are manufactured with great care and a team of experts to maximize quality. They are offered in a considerable potency range that might be effective to newbies and veterans at affordable rates.

Eden’s Herbals Gummies

Eden’s Herbals gummies have an added advantage since they are offered in 12 different flavors. The company offers its gummies in three potency levels; 500mg ($29.99), 1000mg ($39.99), and 1200mg ($39.99). The gummies are manufactured using organic hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil to enhance rapid effectiveness. The gummies are recommended for oral use only. Although the gummies are non-GMO and organic, they are not vegan. According to guidelines, the company recommends at most 3 gummies a day.

Edens Herbals Tinctures

The company offers its tinctures in various potency levels, isolate and full-spectrum, ranging from 500mg to 3000mg. They are manufactured using CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil as a bioavailability carrier that enhances rapid absorption. Eden herbals tinctures come in a serving of 30ml bottle. According to the guidelines, the company recommends 1ml per day. Each serving comes with accurate market droppers to help you take the correct dose. It is recommended for oral use, sublingual, or added to your favorite food or beverage. Currently, it is available in unflavored and cinnamon options.

Eden’s Herbals Topicals

The company offers two topical products; Body Lotion (1000mg) at $34.99 and Salve Roll-on Stick (1000mg) at $34.99. They are formulated using CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil to improve skin absorption. According to the company, they are for topical use only. Each topical is tested for potency, THC variance, and purity. The company uses various oils during manufacturing to allow smooth application.

Edens Herbal Dog Treats

Pet products have become common within the CBD market. The company offers quality products using CO2 organic hemp plant extracts alongside various organic elements such as MCT oil for its dog treats. They are offered in peanut butter, carrots, apples, and molasses flavors to make them irresistible. Before being released to the market, they are tested for potency and purity as a safety and quality measure to ensure your dog gets the best.

What We Like About the Company

The company offers quality products in a considerable potency range. Apart from availing its products in isolate and full-spectrum formulation, they also have a unique product, including biscuits. The company has been certified by FDA, and all its products are organic and non-GMO. As a safety precaution, before any of its products get to the market, they are tested for purity, potency, and quality. Its shipping is fast, and the support team readily offers assistance. The company is among a few brands offering human and pet products.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Free shipping has become a common trend and an advantage to various brands. Therefore, this company needs to offer free shipping despite the minimum amount used to make purchases to attract more customers. It also needs to consider offering vegan products since most people prefer them for better health.

Overall Verdict

As we assessed the brand, its performance was excellent. Consumers looking for quality products that contain the stated potency variance can try Eden’s Herbal CBD products. It has covered its weaknesses by turning them into advantages. Although it has a few weaknesses, none deals with the quality of its products. The company should consider offering vegan products as an added advantage. Also, it should offer free shipping and add various trending products such as vape products. Lastly, although it has a few weaknesses, the products are safe and of high quality.

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